The Jennifer You Don’t Know: The Hard Facts and Definitive Evidence

My lovely wife, Jennifer Wing, has recently been exposed for the lying, cheating, manipulating, soul-gutting, philandering, unstable and sick person she truly is. Please get her some professional help, as I have done everything I can to help and now must simply take care of myself.

Recently, during an attempt to reconcile and have a solid, committed relationship with one another again (whether we were married or divorced and dating), it came to my attention that she had secretly and deceptively been carrying on a sexual and emotional relationship with her former boss behind my back. I was hurt, and angry and heart-broken….But I decided to forgive and give it one final attempt, after her professions of love for me, her “story” that it was only 2 times and those were because I was “ignoring” her. (If “ignoring” your spouse is grounds for you to sleep with whomever you want, I should have been sleeping with half of the women in the US).

Nevertheless, I started to forgive and hoped that she would actually touch me the way she described touching him….That never came to fruition, but she continued to use me as her house boy, errand runner (ostensibly so she could sneak out and see this pseudo-doctor) and to generally cook, clean, get her off when she didn’t have someone else doing her. You see, she NEVER touched me, it was always me touching her….when she came, she disappeared, with no concern for my unfulfilled state. This should have been a giant neon billboard telling me to RUN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

It appears it must be his money she’s after….oh and him cumming inside her, because apparently I don’t provide enough of either….Well, c’est la via …

I thought I was a big enough person to NOT post this all over social media, but since I will not be around long enough to defend myself against her outrageous and paranoid rants regarding my behavior I felt it necessary to not only post this, but all the evidence, gathered throughout our marriage, showing just the kind of person she really is–not just the superficial charm of a sociopath that she ensures that everyone sees and make note of. You can find all the gory details at

She began having an “online” affair a mere month into our marriage, and it only gets far more evil, heartbreaking and deceptive from there…hotels, plans to meet various men and lengthy affairs with at least three different men during out marriage. It’s the constant, bald-faced lies that have consistently spewed from her mouth since I began chatting on FB with her over 5 years ago. The number of men I have actual proof of her either having a physical or online/sextual relationship with during our marriage currently stands at 9 different men (Darren, Tony, Duane, Brad, Martin, Gio, Warren, Andrew, Michael and I’m certain there are others I’m leaving out).

Frequently, she will be engaging in these relationships with several men at the same time. For example, she currently has active relationships with me (actually that is “had” a relationship with me until the sheer depth and breadth of her lies and depravity was uncovered), the Tropicana Doctor and Michael.

Michael and the Herbal Alchemist do not know about one another, and I am fairly certain that Michael would blow a head gasket if he knew that her and I slept in the same bed and had “relations” since she told him that I slept on the couch as was necessary since she has been leading him to believe that they will be starting a family together.

When I initially discovered this relationship was occurring several months ago, she told me that she and Michael no longer spoke, that they were not compatible; however, I could see and hear that she was still talking and texting with him. Her response was that it was only “business related” and she was excited that her and I were starting to get along better than we had in a long, long time….Well, if “business” involves you posing naked for this man and sending him video and pics and texts to help him rub one out…where can I start a business like this? Unless you’re a prostitute, you really shouldn’t label this kind of activity as business….

Jen recently traveled to San Francisco for work, where she was scheduled to be for a month….As you can see from the messages she actually had the audacity to invite all three of us to come and stay with her for a visit — a husband and two boyfriends–I don’t know how she juggled even the two others, since I did not visit her….I am certain that the “doctor” visited (or as she responds in one of her messages to him — “I soooo love it when you cum inside me [too].”

During our (really only my attempt since she was sexually and very emotionally involved during this time with not only the “doctor” but at least one other man that I know of as well…..Some of the messages between her and both of these men during our (my) attempt to fight for and save what I thought was a relationship worth saving (she’s made it abundantly clear that it really is worth destroying and giving up on, why would I fight for someone that lies, cheats and decieves, all while telling you that she is fighting for the relationship–a bit difficult with another man’s cock in your mouth or elsewhere)


Jennifer’s Affairs, Lies and Deception Early In Our Marriage:

  • The first affair I discovered Jennifer having with another man began in February, 2012, a little over a month after we were married.   Around Valentine’s Day, 2012, she contacted her former boyfriend Darren via text message and e-mail and began to make plans to meet and have sex–she would tell me that she was going out with a girlfriend, but in reality was meeting her former boyfreind at a local hotel since he was in town on business.

Here is a portion of the thread of e-mail messages between them:


4/05/12 Reply ▼ JENNIFER WING To Hi Darren. Is it too late to say that I would rather come out to see you than give you money for the ticket? Let me know. Matt is gone. We’ll chat later about all that. You probably have a girlfriend by now. 4/05/12 Reply ▼ Darren Prine To JENNIFER WING Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out. Come out not this weekend but next. Sent from my iPhone 4/05/12 Reply ▼ JENNIFER WING To okay sounds good! Darren Prine To JENNIFER WING Sounds fine. Try to either find a flight that gets you to Denver around 4pm or after 6pm on Thursday. You’ll want to find a return flight on Sunday that leaves sometime around the time my flight leaves (10:45am). Ciao Poopy, D 4/20/12 Reply ▼ JENNIFER WING To yah, that sounds better…I’ll come out on Thursday of next week and stay the weekend. I will work on Friday from your place while you are at work. Okay…evening then on Thursday? 4/20/12 Reply ▼ Darren Prine To JENNIFER WING I leave next Sunday, April 29th in the am. I might suggest you come out tomorrow, Sunday and leave Monday night. If that doesn’t work, you could come out on Thursday or Friday of next week and can go to the airport with me Sunday morning. My flight on the 29th is at 10:45am. Thoughts? 4/20/12 Reply ▼ JENNIFER WING To well wait, what about next weekend… are you traveling then. and what day do you leave on…if I come on a Saturday how long can I stay? 4/20/12 Reply ▼ Darren Prine To Hey toots, Sorry to hear that. I was rooting for you kids to work things out. Pretty much last weekend and this weekend were our opportunities to get together. I’m traveling to trade shows the first 3 weeks of May (back on Friday, May 18th). If you want to come out tonight or tomorrow, that would work. Let me know. Ciao, D 4/20/12 Reply ▼ JENNIFER WING To Okay, I know it’s like a rollercoaster over here…I should just trust my instincts but for the sake of a marriage and you know how relentless I can be when it comes to relationships, I had to give er one more good college try. Try ended in FAILURE. He is studying phone records now and saw that you called the other day and we talked for 20 minutes. The reality is he is just trying to find dirt about me to justify or provide excuses for his odd behavior and lies, and for the fact that the entire time I thought he was going to work he really wasn’t and actually doesn’t have a job. Why he would lie about that, I have no idea. Drugs probably have a lot to do with it. I still have my ticket of course and if you pick a weekend, I could really use a vacation. Stop dating and don’t get involved with anyone…now’s our chance to spend a blissful weekend together. Jennifer My Faithful Wife Make Plans To Go Have a Blissful Weekend With Her Ex

Jennifer’s Affairs, Lies and Deception After I Returned to Phoenix (after leaving precisesly because of the affairs and relationships she was having with other men):



Jennifer’s Affairs After Leaving Me And Moving Into a New Home–Where She Invited Me to Live with Her a Mere Month After She Moved In:




Jennifer’s Affairs 2015-2016:




Jennifer’s Affairs after Deciding to Divorce, but to quote her own words “We’re still in a committed relationship, we’re still together, we don’t need a piece of paper to be a couple.” (Dec. 2016-Present):