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Scholaresque Pursuits

I have always had an overly, sometimes annoyingly, level of inquisitiveness.

I don’t actually consider myself a “scholar” respecting any area or subject that is (or could be) the subject of scholarly works.   I simply love to learn, especially about anything on the edge of ‘ cutting edge’.   I also enjoy studying subjects that are not very ‘cutting edge’ such as the United State Supreme Court and Buddhism.  

Areas like developing technologies and machine learning; statistical analysis and probability in casino gaming; anything concerning the mining, trading and development of cryptocurrencies (e,g, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Burst, ZCash and on and on and on etc.).   Here is some information about a few topics that continue to hold my interest.  

Simply click a button and you’ll be taken to a page or pages where you’ll learn more about these things than you ever cared to.   Or you might not.  My site, my interests, my content.


Cryptocurrencies  Virtual Reality  Deep Web/Dark Web  Gambling and Math  Buddhism The U.S. Supreme Court